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Blue Ridge Investment Partners was founded out of a desire to grow bigger while inspiring others to do the same.  We strive not only to provide phenomenal investment opportunities but we seek to instill in our investors a passion and a fierce pride in our real estate acquisitions.  We want our investors to grow their portfolios as well as their knowledge!


Our investors work hard for what they've earned and they deserve a responsible partner to help them grow their wealth.  We believe that only a deep trust will allow our partnership to work.  Please meet the team...





Love what you do.  Then do it every single day.

Set everything else aside and do this one thing well.

Everyone must win.  There is no other option.

Founding Partner


headshot - Jeremy Porto.jpg

Jeremy joined the Air Force in 2006 after graduating from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.  Nine years and six deployments later, his time as a USAF special operations pilot ended and he began to invest in real estate full time.  He started by buying single family homes, duplexes, triplexes and quads.  After having flipped and wholesaled dozens of homes (including meth and Chinese drywall-affected homes), Jeremy realized that he had strayed from his goal of building passive income.  He began to aggressively pursue rental properties.


Now Jeremy owns about 50 doors across three states and is singularly focused on multifamily apartments.  His plan is to scale into bigger and bigger apartment acquisitions through syndication.  He is the founding partner of Blue Ridge Investment Partners – a multifamily syndication company focused on buying-value add apartment complexes.  His why is to achieve a true feeling of happiness by spending the time that he desires with his wife and two sons.




As a thought leader in the multifamily investing space, Adam  and his company, BlueSpruce Holdings, specialize in apartment syndication.
Adam bought his first multifamily property shortly after managing a major multifamily reposition project in 2007. His company currently controls over 100 commercial multifamily apartments across 3 states. 
As the organizer of Colorado’s most active real estate Meetup group, Adam has raised millions of dollars in private capital and helped others do the same.  Adam is the host of the popular multifamily syndication podcast  “Creative Real Estate Podcast”, where he inspires listeners from around the world to take their first step into the multifamily space.



Tamar is an entrepreneur, investor, and proponent of intentional lifestyle design.  With nearly 20 years under her belt working in the start-up and small business arena, Tamar took the plunge to launch her own businesses and invest in others.  
Her company, The Marota Group, focuses on the acquisition of underperforming multi-family and commercial properties, where she works with her team to stabilize the asset and accelerate returns for her investors.  She is the host of ”Investing for Life”, a podcast focused on entrepreneurship, investing, and intentional lifestyle design.


Daniel is a seasoned multifamily investor, entrepreneur and co-founder/principal of Mission Bay Capital Partners, a real estate investment organization that invests in multifamily real estate throughout the United States.  Daniel started his real estate career in 2009 and has extensive experience in property valuation, acquisitions and operations.  Daniel is currently invested in over 1000 units and is known throughout the investment community for providing exceptional value to investors.  Prior to his real estate career, Daniel retired as a 20-year veteran in the U.S. Air Force.  Daniel holds a master’s degree in Real Estate Development from George Mason University.


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